Com2star lottery.2 is coming!

✨ Hey guys! com2star lottery.2 is coming!

Upload you avatar to join the lottery here:

I will draw the lots on 8/1 P.M.10:00

*How to get a avatar? Check this post:


Here’s the rules:

1.The LV of your avatar equals the tickets you got to win the awards(e.g.LV1 got 1 tecket,LV 5 got 5 tickets,If you lucky enough you can win multiple awards)
2.Your avatar LV will decide what you can have.(e.g.If you win award5,LV1 user can get $20,but LV5 user can get &30)
3.If you won award1,2,3 you can have an extra level up to your avatar permanently.
4.If you won a “customize video”,I will make “Any” kpop idol’s DF videos for you.(18+)